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Theri : A Masala Dose treat for Vijay’s fan

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Theri Movie Review

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Before we start Theri Movie Review, beingbhatia.co would like to wish everyone Puttāṇṭu vāḻttukkaḷ (a very Happy Tamil New Year). Although it is a little late to say but, then wishes have no expiry date. Specially when the celebration is marked with the release of Ilayathalapathy Vijay’s movie, Theri.

Staring Vijay

Vijay and Baby Nainika

Vijay is not just an actor. He is an icon. His last movie, Puli (which was supposed to be a comeback movie for Sridevi) might have been a disaster but, Theri will not disappoint his fans. Although I saw Theri in North India but, as soon as I entered the hall, the ambience and fan power not even once, made me feel I am not in South India, Tamil Nadu to be precise.

So what happens when a widowed innocent father reveals his past to his daughter’s teacher? Why is a tough cop living a low profile and silent life ? Will the villain succeed again or this time Vijay Kumar (Vijay) will make the villain pay for his sins ?

The plot is not new to many Tamil fans and has been used many times in Baasha. But, then come on, even Paranthas are never new but, still no one would mind exploring new eateries of paranthas.

This is where the main ingredient plays its role, “The Masala.”

Theri has all the ingredients to fall in the menu of Mass Entertainment. The film is blended with some good action and emotion package with a sprinkle of comedy. The film has been customised to suit the expectation buds of Vijay’s fans. The opening scene may not be that wow in creating hype

Vijay as cop in Theri

Vijay as cop in Theri

around the actor, which usually Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam movies are known for, but when he makes his second entry as a super cop, the high voltage excitement just gets better and that’s the power of Thalaiva. Vijay has this talent or attitude that, when you think the hero is losing the game, he makes a comeback with a power-packed dialogue or sometimes just with a smirk. This is where you get the hint that something is coming which will change the whole game. Be it the famous dialogue of Thupaki, ” I am waiting”, which was a reply to the villain’s challenge and so impactful that even Akshay Kumar tried it when the movie was remade in Hindi as “Holiday: A soldier never off duty.” But, few things should stay with the real one and that’s where Vijay never fails. Same is in Theri, where Vijay plays with silent smiles and one-liners to keep the whistles of audiences at peak.

Knowing that the basic plot is not new, director Atlee ensured that he explored a new dimension in the treatment of script, so as to give movie a fresh feel. Vijay has been a versatile actor and he knows how to keep the zest of energy in his fans alive. But, there’s one more reason why Theri will bring a smile on your face, that is the chemistry between father-daughter. Vijay, as loving and caring father is no doubt excellent but, you cannot ignore the acting of heart-winning daughter, played by baby Nainika, who with her cute Tamil accent made the moment beautiful. Samantha and Amy Jackson have added the flavour of romance, while Raadhika Sarathkumar, as a mother did a decent job. The evil mind in the movie played by Rajendran, ensured that he nails down the hero with his plans. But, like the best can’t be beaten, such is our hero as well.
Overall, the movie is a good start for Tamil industry, with the first movie of Tamil New Year making a big impact.

Being Says : Don’t wait for a Hindi remake! Enjoy Vijay, the mass entertainer.
Being-o-meter : 3.5(Out of 5)

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Theri Movie Review

Theri Movie Review

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