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24 Movie review : Who said Sci-Fi can’t be actionfied

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24 Movie Review
Release Date : 6th May 2016
Genre : Sci-Fi, Action
Language : Tamil

Time waits for no one…..until you make it ‘your’ time.

Guy meets a girl. Coincidentally, they meet again.
Guy meets a girl. Now the guy loves the girl so much, that she was supposed to go to North Pole but, ends up reaching South Pole because he loves her. He loves her so much that the girl ends proposing the guy. No, that’s not the story of 24; that’s how a South Indian Masala flick functions. So let’s proceed with 24 Movie Review.

So what happens when Mani (Suriya), realises he can travel time with this watch he recently found? What he doesn’t know is that Athreya (Suriya), the man who has been chasing the watch for years, is back from coma and will leave no stone unturned to get it back.

24 Movie Review

                      24 Movie Review

24 is a sci-fi thriller about controlling time. Man’s biggest dream is to look beyond what is pre-defined. What if he is able to live it? When Hollywood makes a movie on science fiction, they add a lot of graphics and animation. Sometimes this is the reason that kills the movie. But, in South Indian movies it’s different. They know their audience, thus, can’t rely totally on animation. Same is with 24, a perfectly blended cocktail of Science and Masala concept. Director Vikram Kumar ensured that the Tamil flick doesn’t leave his audience bored or disinterested and they get, what the nerve of the movie is : “The best of Suriya.”

Suriya is a brilliant actor and he makes sure that his audience don’t witness him getting repetitive. So here Suriya surprised his fans by playing three different roles. While the protagonist Mani is a cool dude guy of today, his father Sethuraman (Suriya) is a man who wants to change the world with something different. An idealistic man who loves his family.

But, the movie will always be remembered for the third character of Suriya – Athreya, the villain of the movie. Needless to say, his thrid and negative part is the nerve of the movie. As a villain, sorry, as a stylish villain, Suriya has simply given a new attitude to his personality. Suriya has paid a lot of attention to the character of Athreya. So from stylish dressing to supreme mastermind to playing tricks and not allowing others to make a fool of him, Athreya is a perfect example of his brilliant acting. The actor can deliver more than what he promises.

24 Movie Review

Suriya as Athreya

Samantha Prabhu and Nithya Menen, as love interests of Suriya have limited roles. The film is equipped with the music of A.R Rahman, which adds to the beauty of the movie.

24 has few limitations which simply bend the law of common sense, like how Mani gets the key. But, even then in few areas, the director didn’t totally made it a senseless scene. Like the climax is not about usual mass entertainment but, it’s more like how it should have been in a science fiction movie.

Overall, the movie is a mix of Sci-Fi and Masala entertainment. Something which doesn’t let the audience lose the track.

Being Says : Enjoy 3 Suriya’s in 1 flick! Also, how Sci-Fi can be Masalafied too!

Being-o-meter : 3 (Out of 5)

Cast : Suriya, Samantha Ruth Prabhu, Nithya Menen

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24 Movie Review

24 Movie Review

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