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Babu Bangaram Movie Review : treat for Venki fan’s

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Babu Bangaram Movie Review
Release Date : 12th August 2016
Genre : Action
Language : Telegu

Don’t think just enjoy…..
Babu Bangaram is a typical mass masala movie from Tollywood. The film stars Venkatesh who is celebrating his 30 years in cinema with this movie. So with an advantage of getting released on Independence day celebration will the movie meet the expectations. Let’s explore with Babu Bangaram Movie Review.

Plot :
The movie revolves around the life of ACP Krishna who is a tough cop but a soft-hearted person. One day he meets Sailaja and falls in love with her, unaware of the fact that her father is being chased by gangsters. Rest is how he proves the innocence of his father and protect the family from the goons.

Babu Bangaram Movie Review

Babu Bangaram Movie Review

Review :
Ok, so the movie has nothing new to offer. A same old dish that hero is a cop, heroine helps a group of poor people which melts the heart of hero he falls for her and later rescues her and her family from goons. But then these masala flicks are like quick bites. Everyone knows what they are still they want to have it because its best for the given price. I guess it’s high time Telegu industry should understand that there less real cops in Andhra Pradesh than reel cop heroes in Tollywood movie.

With Babu Bangaram there is no innovation. The movie was predictable but here I pause and would like to share that still, it is entertaining. While sitting in the theater, I could see how audience were laughing whistling and enjoying every moment of the movie. It’s amazing that the plot is repetitive but still not done to death.

As critics, many will say the movie was not up to the mark. But the struggle I got to grab ticket and audience’s response in the hall was enough to understand how much people were enjoying the movieIt’s a common man’s movie, a person who just want to enjoy the amount he paid for the ticket and stay lost in his star for 2 hours.

Babu Bangaram Movie Review

Babu Bangaram Movie Review

The songs are ok, but Venkatesh’s magic and muscle kept the movie entertaining. Entry of Brahmanandam comes in peak but is a good turnover for the movie. Other characters have also kept the movie supportive.

But for Venkatesh fan’s the movie is a treat. He comes, he punches, he dances and performs action wherever required. His fans know what they want from him thus rather than dancing around bushes he comes to the point. Something which almost every Southy-wood actor does. The movie may look like a sequel to Gharshana but with the amount of comedy the actor has done this one is different and adds a good laugh to laughing bone and action to unsettled mind.

Overall for Venkatesh’s fan it’s a treat for others it justifies the amount spent on the ticket.

Being say : Just for fans
Being-o-meter : 3 ( out 5)
Justification : Movies are made for people not for critics. If they are enjoying the movie is good.
Cast : Venkatesh, Nayanthara

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Babu Bangaram Movie Review

Babu Bangaram Movie Review

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