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Janatha Garage Movie Review : NTR Jr. fans will love it

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Janatha Garage Movie Review
Release Date : 1st Septemeber 2016 (India)
Genre : Action
Language : Telegu

Sometimes the good begins with being bad to worst……
Janatha Garage is Telugu action movie starring NTR Junior and Mohanlal as the main leads. The first teaser of the movie was launched during Eid with high hopes and expectations especially with NTR jr. sharing the screen with Mohanlal. But does it deliverers what the trailer promised let’s explore with Janatha Garage Movie Review.

Janatha Garage Movie Review

Janatha Garage Movie Review

Plot :
Anand (NTR Junior) is a nature-loving man and admires everything mother nature has given him. He doesn’t mind crossing any limit to protect the environment. On another hand is Satyam is a mechanic who has dedicated his life to protect the innocent people. His workplace Janatha Garage repairs the vehicles but as a man of honor, he repairs the people who are giving trouble to innocents. What happens when they join forces and unite to protect the people.

Review :
Ok, so when 2 great actors join forces for a mass masala movie the expectations are high. Needless to say even with Janatha Garage watching NTR Jr. & Mohanlal sharing the screen spaces was spectacular. The movie gives what the trailer showcased. The chemistry between the 2 great actors was visible and somewhere it would be wrong to say that one tried to overshadow the other with his presence. The action of the movie is also choreographed with the adequate amount of style and attitude being manifested by NTR Jr. His style and dialogues are exactly what his fans would love to see while their superstar is on the screen plus his message of saving environment was great.

But then wait, the movie is not over. Throughout the movie, I was enjoying it but still felt like something was missing.

What was it what was it what was it…..Yes, the real voice of actor Mohanlal. The actor whose voice is like sugar in the tea cotton in cotton candy was dubbed meaning the movie was great but the actor couldn’t connect with his audience properly. Along with that, he was shown little weak that to a character who gives strength to others. His character was not established properly leaving little loopholes when he used to come on screen.


Janatha Garage Movie Review

Janatha Garage Movie Review


Director Kortala Siva was little desperate to sell movie more because of NTR factor rather than realizing how 2 great actors can be best utilized. Off course NTR was humble enough not overshadow Mohanlal still it was clearly visible how Mohanlal was only there to add name in the titles. Telegu masala movies are predictable which was more or less same here but then sometimes a little experiment or at least placing the character at the right place can give a lot to the movie.

As far as other actors are concerned the one with limited scenes had less to act but the 2 actresses Samantha Ruth Prabhu and Nithya Menen were like added burden. Except for one scene, throughout the movie the female leads were just occupying the space, but then a masala Telugu movie cannot be without a heroine even if they don’t have much to act. The beauty of “Mass Masala” movie are that they will show a dhabba in a deserted place and in the menu they might not have any item but in dhabba, the item number is a must. So to add that spice a song by Kajal Aggarwal solved the purpose. Apart from this, the movie is just watchable for action and dialogues of NTR Jr.

Overall the movie is dedicated to NTR Jr.

Being Says : Go if you’re an NTR Jr. Fan
Being-o-meter : 2.5 (out of 5)
Justification : Because action and dialogues were good plus the message of the saving environment also won the heart.
Cast : N. T. Rama Rao Jr. , Mohanlal, Samantha Ruth Prabhu, Nithya Menen

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Janatha Garage Movie Review

Janatha Garage Movie Review

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