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Kabali Movie Review : Sir Rajnikanth is here to rule again

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Kabali Movie Review
Release Date : 22nd July 2016
Genre : Action
Language : Tamil, Telugu, Hindi

He enters to inspire millions learn the style of walk….

He is not just a name, he’s a legend; he’s not just an actor, he is what defines acting….he is the MEGA star, THE RAJNIKANTH!! Sir. And one of the biggest celebrations of 2016, his movie, Kabali has finally hit the screens. The movie which made 200 crores even before releasing doesn’t require any introduction. How big the impact is, let’s explore with Kabali Movie Review.

So what will happen when Kabali, an aged gangster comes back from jail after 25 years? Once a terror for goons and hope of Tamil people living in Singapore, he leaves no stone unturned to help innocents. But, things turn nasty when his right meets the wrong people. Has jail made him weak or is he back with more power to do the right?

Kabali Movie Review

Kabali Movie Review

Few rely on occasions to celebrate but, for his fans (like me) celebration begins as his movie releases. He is my God and his every movie makes me more passionate about knowing and understanding the MEGA star. He knows his people are die-hard fans and wherever possible his humbleness wins millions of hearts. He is none other than Sir Rajnikanth. Movies come and go but, he stays to make an impact. His action, his style, his entry, everything makes him the man of the millennium. Kabali is no less. For fans, it’s a treat of watching the actor with his style, his attitude, his dialogues and his fighting sequences- taking over the bad with good in his way.

But, having said that, it still misses few things which could have made it better than the best. Kabali has few blank spaces where the story could have taken a better pace. Sir Rajnikanth always plays a character who rises, falls and rises again. The trend might look repetitive but, when audiences see Sir Rajnikanth playing this sequence, it looks fresh. Although, in Kabali that fight back could have been much better. As his fans we know how we want to see Sir Rajnikanth. He is the reason why one-liners of a movie reach the peak of success. And if any of that is missing, the audience will obviously grasp it. His current legion of fans will digest but, for future fans the movie might look a little boring in between.

Kabali Movie Review

Kabali Movie Review

Director Pa Ranjith, played too much on the Megastar’s emotions rather than giving him power-packed attitude, dialogues and above all, that powerful punch without which the movie looks a little incomplete. After interval, where it is time for the actor to make a comeback, it was more of the emotional moments which were getting all the limelight. Even then, the actor, sorry the God of actors, didn’t fail to impress his fans. His style and charisma was all over the screen.

Overall, it’s Sir Rajnikanth’s movie so, as a fan it won’t disappoint the audience.

Being Says : Go for it to define style in new manners!
Being-o-meter : 4.5 (out of 5)
Cast : Sir Rajnikanth, Radhika Apte

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Kabali Movie Review

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