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Kismath Movie Review : Beautifully written & executed

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Kismath Movie Review
Release Date : 29th July 2016 (South India)
Genre : Romance, Drama
Language : Malayalam

Not every story has a happy ending……
Kismath is a Malayalam movie with Shane Nigam and Shruty Menon as the lead pair. The movie explores a love story between a Muslim boy and a Dalit girl. But, does the movie deserve an applaud or was it just a waste of time, let’s explore with Kismath Movie Review.

Kismath Movie Review

Kismath Movie Review

Irfan, a 23-year old Muslim boy is in love with Anita, a 28-year old Dalit girl. Born and brought up in a conservative society and with fewer self-dreams and more family image to reflect, the couple knows they don’t have a future together. Things turn ugly when they decide to marry each other and seek for police protection.


Review :
India has BMW, Audi, Mercedes- almost all the existing costly brand of cars. But, it doesn’t have one thing. The audacity to treat human beyond religion, caste and community. The movie is based on a true event which gives goosebumps to my soul – a Muslim boy and a Dalit girl. One of the two major communities where politicians are dancing since ages to generate vote, can actually have such free thinkers that too in a city where the name is just fame; it’s the cast which lasts longer. My aim is not to point out any particular religion; if anyone feels that, then I am sorry. But, while watching the movie like others, even I could feel the struggle and pain that the couple had to live the dream of being with each other.

Kismath Movie Review

Kismath Movie Review

The movie is a beautifully crafted fable/fairy tale. A right mixture of emotions with strong music and living life acting, made it an applaudable movie. Approximately, two-third of the movie is shot in the police station but, somewhere the pain covers every individual who is still not a free thinker and bounded with rules of society and community. Shane Nigam and Shruty Menon have 11 years of difference in real life and 5 years in reel life and this is what their chemistry perfectly showcased- the immature but, loving boy who is desperate to just live with his love of life and the mature but, bounded with responsibilities girl. And rest are the people creating the massacre. Vinay Forrt as a moody strict inspector, very well defined how the law is there but, isn’t always.

Director Shanavas K. Bavakkutty kept the movie low-key and just used minimum locations to define maximum emotions. The music of the movie is another added factor which makes it worth watching (click here for song.) In short, it’s like watching something which we all know is wrong in the society but, stay helpless to ignore it.

Overall, brilliantly crafted story garnished with beautiful music and acting.

Being Says : Try something different, something on ground reality!
Being-o-meter : 4.5 (out of 5)
Justification : Tailored movie for emotions
Cast : Shane Nigam, Shruty Menon, Vinay Forrt

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Kismath Movie Review

Kismath Movie Review









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