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U Turn Movie Review : A perfect meal of thriller

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U Turn Movie Review
Release Date : 20 May 2016
Language : Kannada
Genre : Thriller, Mystery
Cast : Shraddha Srinath, Roger Narayan, Radhika Chetan, Dilip Raj

Give Pawan Kumar (Director) a cup of tea and he can make a thriller even out of that….

Thriller is one genre which is always extreme. A director either makes a good one or ends up making a disaster. One of the challenges for any director is always that the story cannot be fast but, at the same time the occurrence of events cannot be slow. It has to be on a smooth pace, else audience will lose interest. Does Pawan Kumar make a good or bad thriller? Let’s explore this with U Turn Movie Review!

So what happens when Rachana (Shraddha Srinath), an intern with a leading newspaper, becomes the prime suspect for a murder? She is doing a story on a particular flyover, where motorists have removed the concrete block partition to take a quick u-turn. Later, all of them are murdered. Now the question is, who is murdering them? What is the connection between Rachana’s story and these murders?

U Turn Movie Review

U Turn Movie Review

In a world of movies, experiments are like Diwali crackers. If they work, they go high like a rocket and brighten the sky for moments and if they don’t, they just become a part of criticism. But, Pawan Kumar’s experiments are actually like the rockets. I really appreciate how he made a thriller out of a flyover. A simple ‘U-Turn’ became the reason for bizarre murders.
The movie is not exactly horror because it won’t give you chilling goosebumps but, yes it is thrilling enough that the audience will get curious to know “What’s Next?”

Shraddha Srinath in U Turn

Shraddha Srinath in U Turn

The essence of such movies is the actors and the situations they are in. To suit the theme, the movie director has handpicked each and every actor and his or her character thus, even a small role leaves a big impact on the audience. The movie is heroine-centric and the main protagonist has to deal with and solve this mystery of murders with the help of people she meets or gets involved with. So be it Shraddha Srinath, the girl-next-door or the cop next station, Roger Narayan or a beggar whose job is to just see and observe, every actor has contributed enough to make the movie a big success.

U Turn ends with a good social message on which the whole movie is based. It may sound like a spoiler but, don’t worry it’s not. While watching I could see the audience enjoying every bit of the movie, including the small funny scenes which were intended to provide them with some light moments amidst the thrilling instances. It never looked like they are watching a movie but, witnessing a true event occurring in front of them.

Overall, the movie is a good example to learn how Parallel Cinema streams into Mainstream Cinema.

Being Says : Treat yourselves with a good thriller!
Being-o-Meter : 4 (out of 5)

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U Turn Movie Review

U Turn Movie Review

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