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White Movie Review : A Smooth romantic lOVEuccino

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White Movie Review
Release Date : 29th July 2016 (India)
Genre : Romantic, Drama
Language : Malayalam

A great love story begins with an ending of all other stories…..
For Mammothy’s fans, July has been a month of a festival. After successful response for Kasaba, the man is back with a romantic drama, White. Romancing with the star is actor Huma Qureshi who is making her Malayalam debut with White. But, does the movie create the impact that Mammothy’s movies do? Let’s explore with White Movie Review.

So what happens when a middle-aged banker tycoon falls in love with a 25-year old girl? Prakash Roy is a man of his time and is known for his mysterious and stubborn nature, while Roshni Menon, a TCS employee is a girl who follows her heart. How they accidentally meet and mismatch of nature joins the same journey, is rest of the story. The movie explores charismatic locations of London, Budapest and Kerala in a romantic background.

White Movie Review

White Movie Review

Malayalam movies are like coffee. You can either add too taste blasting ingredients and make “masala flick cold coffee” which is high on action like sugar syrup, songs like a scoop of ice cream and hard rocking situations like ice cubes or explore the simplicity like black coffee with just true emotional events or customised to mood-soothing filter coffee, rich with the essence of music and taste of the story. ‘White’ is like filter coffee. The story is mild but, nice and the essence – the music – is pretty high. The background music of the movie is a treat to ears, which makes it a smooth ride of love and emotional roller coaster of situations.

The best thing about Mammothy is that the word “versatile actor” is not his definition but, a synonym. The same actor who delivered an action masala, Kasaba in the starting of July, ended the month with a romantic flick, White. His acting and way of controlling the movie, is what defines him the best. Director Uday Ananthan sketched his character pretty well. The actor who is already competing with his own son in the industry, was shown romancing not as a very young man but, as someone close to his real age, which will not give a feeling to the audience that it’s an unrealistic love story. Huma Qureshi was low on words but, high on beauty and expressions and deserves appreciation. Above all, the locations of London and Budapest add like a scenery thus, making it more romantic to watch.

White Movie Review

White Movie Review

But, having said that, the movie also has a little break in the rhythm of the story. The situations are pretty predictable and like a normal romantic movie go in the same direction. Where on one hand Mammothy’s acting and background music raise the standard of the movie, the self-contradictory story gives it a huge fall. A spoiler: on one hand, where the character of Roshni says that she doesn’t get impressed by money and on the other it simply took materialistic things to impress the character. I guess it’s high time Malayalam movies should start defining women with a clear vision so that accordingly one can take a stand.

Nevertheless, for the audience, the movie is a smooth journey where the love happens accidentally but, stays positively. The climax of the movie has been stopped at the right moment; a little more would have stretched it, a little less would have destroyed it. Plus, the suspense or the twist is pretty romantic.

Overall, the movie is like a calm road which gives scenic comfort and avoidable jerks.

Being says : Not bad to enjoy a beautiful love story!
Being-o-meter : 3 ( out of 5)
Justification : Music, Acting, and Locations.

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White Movie Review

White Movie Review


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