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Rowdy of the South is back!

Sequels always have the toughest job when it comes to entertain people. If they click, they are always remembered as a path which carried the story in a proper manner, if they don’t, they end up in a fate like younger children who always get compared to their siblings for their failures.

But, in India the blessing is that, if it’s about Power, Mega, Super, Youth, etc. prefixes of a ‘Star’, then all you have to do is, sell the hero. And without any doubt, this is what Sardar Gabbar Singh is all about.


Sardar Gabbar Singh in action

Sequel to the 2012 blockbuster, Gabbar Singh, which was the official remake of Dabbang, Sardar Gabbar Singh is a Telugu masala action movie starring Power Star Pawan Kalyan. Luckily, Sardar Gabbar Singh is not the remake of Dabbang 2 but, takes the story in a different tangent.

This time the story is set in Rattanpur, a former princely state, where the feudal lord Bairon Singh (Sharad Kelkar), has spread his massacre and fear amongst the villagers. Arshi (Kajal Aggarwal), a helpless princess wants to save their life but, alone cannot do much about it. So, what happens when the rowdiest cop, Gabbar Singh (Pawan Kalyan), is sent to Rattanpur? He starts slow but, once he begins his era of super cop, there is no end to the battle of ‘Evil vs. Man of Rights’.

Hindi movie channels have filled our lives with dubbed south Indian movies. I can’t deny but, even I am a big fan of these movies. They have this art of showing the hero, larger- than-life, who can do anything. Logic is simply a myth for these movies and they just start with the basic purpose of entertainment and then simply end.

So, when Bollywood makes a movie, they show it like a brand strategy. They build a plot, then characters come, then a background is set and after interval, the brand is launched and the movie reaches the end. Except for the movies of Salman Khan, who understood after Wanted, that it’s important to be ‘loud’ as early as possible, or else the game is lost.

Sardaar-Gabbar-Singh1But in movies of South India, the directors don’t waste time in strategies; they just launch the brand that is their hero. Like in Sardar Gabbar Singh as well, after explaining the problems in 10 minutes, within the 11th minute comes the Power star Pawan Kalyan with a bang of action and not to mention, supported by background given by small time crook on why they are running away from him. Rest everything is a treat to the eyes of his fans.

It is wrong to say that Tollywood is filled with movies like these. For example, if you get a chance to explore movies like Pizza, Dr. Salim or Visaranai (which also received National Award this year), these movies make you think about the beauty of Cinema. But, then there is a term introduced by Tollywood ‘Mass Entertainment’, which simply means, enjoy the movie and forget the rest. The term has been accepted by Indians and rest of the world and whose perfect example is the many remakes in Bollywood of Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, etc. movies. This is why, movies like Sardar Gabbar Singh are welcomed by people, due to their appeal as ‘Mass Entertainment’. These movies simply ask you to keep the mind aside and enjoy the hero, punching, singing, romancing and just giving more employment opportunities to the graphic designer, by showing how a punch can make dozens of goons faint or why it is necessary that, as he puts forward his step, there’s a blast in the background. The toughest job in these movies is of the dialogue writer, who has to ensure that there’s a powerful dialogue which can make people whistle. Like in the dubbed version of Sardar Gabbar Singh, when the hero said, “Akela aaya hoon akela rahunga; Janta ka hoon janta ke saath rahunga,” the whole atmosphere was filled with applauses and whistles, although only 20% seats were occupied.

Sardar Gabbar Singh has been released in Hindi as well, which means that somewhere the team knows that gradually we are accepting the South with open hearts. The movie looks promising till the interval but, is pretty slow in the second half. The music is nice especially, the background theme of Gabbar Singh, along with an added item number its funny but you will enjoy it.

Overall, if you wish to watch something which doesn’t require logic and just wanna get entertained, do try it.

Being Says : Simply Entertaining!

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Hindi Poster of Sardar Gabbar Singh

Hindi Poster of Sardar Gabbar Singh